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Thursday, March 15, 2012

1st trip to the ZOO

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been planning a Zoo trip! I've always loved the Zoo and I knew taking my own children would be even more fun. When this oddly warm March weather started I immediately knew I wanted to take advantage of it and get the girls outside to the Zoo! We planned the day, the outfit, the route, we were ready!!! Only one problem....we picked a day during SPRING BREAK...so the zoo was packed with children and strollers....stroller traffic jams everywhere we went! And trying to get a picture of the girls in front of animals was close to impossible! So the pics I have are the best we could get..next time we'll go on a school day! haha And hopefully next time it's not so hot...yesterday was the 2nd hottest day recorded in history in STL for March 14th!! 86 degrees with humidity so it felt like 95!!! But even though  it was hot and packed with had a great day!!! The girls seemed interested in all the sights and sounds! Can't wait to take them again...
On our way in...they have no idea what's going on!!! 
Family pic in the Primate House :)
It was very hot and very bright! 
Gazelles, Ostrich, and a life size Sophie the Giraffe
I have so many pictures of me with this gorilla statue from when I was little...I'd like to make it a tradition for the girls too :)
Checking out some monkeys! 
Charlotte and Daddy
Miss Olivia looking so sweet! 
Charlotte and my best friend, Daron with the fishies
The big, stinky Rhino
Livy, Daddy, and the fishies
The new baby elephant, Kenzi
Hot, tired, and ready to go home....that's what 3 hours at the Zoo will do to 7 month olds. 
We cannot wait until our next Zoo visit... :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What we're eating at 7 months

The girls started out at 3 and 4 pounds and are now about 17lb each!!! They have always been great eaters, lucky for me. As of now here is their daily menu:
Between 8-9am- 7oz bottle of formula
around 11-11:30- They share 2- 4oz jars of baby food (1 veggie, 1 fruit)
between 12-1pm- 7oz bottle of formula
between 3:30-5- 7 oz bottle of formula
between 7-8:30- 7 oz bottle of formula
Sometimes they may eat  puffies...they don't reach for them yet so occasionally I'll experiment to see if they're ready. Olivia likes Mum Mums but she doesn't eat them often. Charlotte thinks they're as nasty as peas!
When they eat the baby food Charlotte takes it very seriously. She opens her mouth wide when she sees the spoon and eats every last drop. Olivia on the other hand, thinks its playtime and a game to see who can get the most baby food on the most body parts!!! She laughs and smiles...it's cute but not when it comes to cleaning her up!! It's so fun trying new stuff with them...bottles are boring!
This is what Olivia looks like after she's done eating

And this is what Charlotte looks like..nice and clean!
They both LOVE playing with their bibs while eating!!
Eating is FUN!!!

Daddys Perspective written by Darreis

7 months into this journey that is being the father of two beautiful twin girls. This is for any soon to be father of twins out there. Initially the news was a little scary but you adjust quickly. Once my little ones came in this world I wanted nothing more than to be with them and to make sure they are safe and happy.

Taking over our bed...

Until about a month ago the girls slept in a pack n play NEXT to our bed. We finally decided to see what they would do in their crib. They did surprisingly well...for about a week. Now they sleep until 4 or 5 am in their crib then yell (not cry) for us...so we bring them to our bed...!!! I think we've started a really bad habit!!! We're just afraid if we keep the yelling baby in the crib she'll wake the other then I'll have 2 yelling babies at one time that I have to let "yell in out"...!!! Will they ever fall back asleep??? I'll never know!! My sleep is so precious so instead of losing some I guess we'll have a cramped bed for awhile!
This is what I wake up next to.... :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

There's a story behind every photo

On Instagram (@bowlby23) I'm participating in a challenge called March Photo a Day. We're given a theme each day and we interpret it through a photo. Yesterdays theme was window....as soon as I saw it I immediately knew the shot I wanted....I had NO IDEA how cute it would turn out. While positioning the girls, Olivia kept rocking herself backwards almost falling so Charlotte put her hand behind her sisters back as though she was stabling her!!! Seriously the cutest picture I have ever taken...I only wish I had used my good camera and not my iphone!

"It's a big world out there but I've got your back, sis!"

Recap of past 7 months


Meet Charlotte and Olivia

Born on Aug 4, 2011 in Saint Louis, Missouri at St. Johns Mercy Hospital by Dr. Gilbert Webb (best doctor ever). Oliva (baby A) was born at 8:18pm weighing 3lb9oz. Charlotte (baby b) was born a minute later at 8:19pm weighing 4lb4oz.  They had a short stay in the NICU just to make sure they gained weight but they were perfectly healthy baby girls!

my first post!

Hello...! I'm VERY new to blogging but I thought it would be fun to do and something nice for my girls to look back at when they're older. I will document, mostly in pictures, their journey....I hope you all enjoy.