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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taking over our bed...

Until about a month ago the girls slept in a pack n play NEXT to our bed. We finally decided to see what they would do in their crib. They did surprisingly well...for about a week. Now they sleep until 4 or 5 am in their crib then yell (not cry) for us...so we bring them to our bed...!!! I think we've started a really bad habit!!! We're just afraid if we keep the yelling baby in the crib she'll wake the other then I'll have 2 yelling babies at one time that I have to let "yell in out"...!!! Will they ever fall back asleep??? I'll never know!! My sleep is so precious so instead of losing some I guess we'll have a cramped bed for awhile!
This is what I wake up next to.... :)


  1. It is so nice to wake up to such smiling faces in the morning, though, isn't it?! :) I love waking up to Nolin's sweet smile!

  2. Girrrrrl .. waiting it out when they get older will be a lot harder and longer than if you wait it out now. I swear you'll sleep a lot more and have a more fulfilling time with your hubby in bed. Once you decide to do it- STICK to it no matter how much their screaming tortures you ..it should only last for 15-20min .. just monitor that they aren't hurting themselves but don't let them see you. Time it if you can .. keeping the habit longer will only hurt them later :/ Good luck!