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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What we're eating at 7 months

The girls started out at 3 and 4 pounds and are now about 17lb each!!! They have always been great eaters, lucky for me. As of now here is their daily menu:
Between 8-9am- 7oz bottle of formula
around 11-11:30- They share 2- 4oz jars of baby food (1 veggie, 1 fruit)
between 12-1pm- 7oz bottle of formula
between 3:30-5- 7 oz bottle of formula
between 7-8:30- 7 oz bottle of formula
Sometimes they may eat  puffies...they don't reach for them yet so occasionally I'll experiment to see if they're ready. Olivia likes Mum Mums but she doesn't eat them often. Charlotte thinks they're as nasty as peas!
When they eat the baby food Charlotte takes it very seriously. She opens her mouth wide when she sees the spoon and eats every last drop. Olivia on the other hand, thinks its playtime and a game to see who can get the most baby food on the most body parts!!! She laughs and smiles...it's cute but not when it comes to cleaning her up!! It's so fun trying new stuff with them...bottles are boring!
This is what Olivia looks like after she's done eating

And this is what Charlotte looks like..nice and clean!
They both LOVE playing with their bibs while eating!!
Eating is FUN!!!


  1. Haha! I bet it is fun to see their different personalities.

  2. Aww they are adorable. I love you cute blog! But it's easy to have a cute blog when your cover it in pics of your cutie pies:)