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Friday, July 13, 2012


 The temperature finally dropped a bit this week so we were able to get outside and play! We started off the week with a trip to grandmas house! She made us homemade cookies and chicken N dumplings...yummy! 

Grandma let the girls lick the beaters...hey, that used to be my job!!!
The girls even got to test out Cousin Tony's vintage car....Charlotte is having a major teething meltdown.

Someone is getting into her birthday toys early...
I am stressing big time knowing that I only have 3 weeks to prepare everything for the girls' 1st birthday party....I have ALMOST everything but I have a few projects that I haven't even started...I have a feeling I won't be sleeping the entire week before their birthday...but it will all be worth it to see it all come together! :)

Currently the girls favorite toy is the dishwasher...they're my little helpers!

Since it wasn't a million degrees out this week we decided to get our teeny tiny pool that mommy doesn't fit in out and get some use out of it....(that night I went on amazon and bought a bigger pool for me). It's so fun to watch them discover how to make the water move or splash. Charlotte prefers to splash with her feet and Olivia prefers to do it with her hands....either way is so cute and they had a blast!
One of my favorite pictures ;)

Livy fell and couldn't figure out how to get up and Charlotte was trying to escape...

Miss Livy sucking her thumb...
After swim snack

We also finally retired their bath seats this week....they now sit in the bath tub like big girls. They love it...they think it's so cool that they can just grab whatever toy they want whenever they want it. But they will NOT crawl in the water yet...it's scary!

Livy's awesome soap mohawk
For the first time ever yesterday I took only 1 baby out with me...we went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping...it was REALLY weird having only one BUT it was sooooo much easier! Olivia loved the attention from mommy and I loved spending one on one time with her ;)

And last but not least, we started giving the girls milk today....we are doing half Enfamil Infant formula (3oz) and half 2% milk (3oz). They had their first half and half bottle this morning and Olivia drank every drop...Charlotte on the other hand only drank half which is definitely NOT normal. Hopefully she just wasn't as hungry this morning....but we'll keep trying. So far the girls will only hold their bottles or sippy's if I lie them down with a pillow propping up their head so I ordered sippy's with straws and they drink through them like pros!! :) When will my babies stop growing so fast?!?
Have a great week!! :)


  1. love this. Love those little mean mugs!
    Looks like a great week!!

  2. dont ever stop blogging, i love your posts and always look forward to see them appear on my dashboard, as ive told you before on instagram you are an amazing photographer..! :)
    their birthday is on my birthday too :D getting all excited!! :) X